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July 14, 2010

Big Bang Nonsense

It's funny to observe non-Christians in their attempt to poke fun at those of us who believe in the Creator. They claim "science" has it all figured out about how there was a mysterious "big bang" that somehow erupted from nothing and created everything. Wow, that's quite a tale there. And what was there before this mysterious "big bang"? This "big bang" was something else to somehow create itself from nothing and then create everything. Sounds like quite a stretch to me, belonging in the realm of fairy tales.

I must admit that I once believed in the Big Bang theory myself. Sounded reasonable at the time because it is backed up by nice and tidy "scientific" explanations that I have heard, and to a certain extent been brainwashed with for as long as I can remember. Big Bang theory? Sure, sounded good to me because people much smarter than me can explain how it all works. Even though I had been convinced of this mysterious event, I always believed that God was the Creator of this so called "big bang". But remember the big bang is just a theory. And a ridiculous theory indeed. Right up there with other great fairy tales, especially if God is removed from the scheme of things.

Think about it for a minute. Without God, this "big bang" somehow created itself out of nothing? And if there was something before the "big bang", where did it come from? Did it just create itself? Just appeared out of nothing? Like magic? Hmmmm.. Very interesting indeed. Or did something slowly evolve out of nothing over millions and trillions of years? With all of our knowledge and technology, this is the best we can come up with? Come on! Give me a break! The Tooth Fairy sounds more believable to me. Please don't make the same mistake I did for a while and just accept some theory without much thought or question. Just because you have been taught a theory all your life does not mean you should just accept it as the best and only possibility.

Thanks be to God our Father and Creator! Amen!

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