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How To Deal With Bullies

Bullies are by far the most annoying type of people and they do things deliberately to hurt people and you know the sad thing is they don't care. It's like they have no conscious.

First let's talk about what a bully is. A bully is someone that feels they need to have power over another person. A bully will say things about you to other people, do things to you such as hiding your lunch, or doing something to your lunch, leave you out of other things such as a game, threatening you to do something you wouldn't want to do such as stealing something, damaging your personal belongings, being physically harmful to you such as slapping, kicking, or hitting.

Dealing with a bully can be challenging but you must be strong. Here are some ways to deal with a bully. First you should always tell someone in charge that you trust about the bully. Next you should make friends with people you trust and always try to be around these people. Next you should tell the bully that what they are doing is wrong and you consider it bullying. Tell the bully there are big consequences for this kind of behavior and to please stop bullying you. If you continue to have problems, stand up and tell who ever you need to tell (principal, manager, parents, teacher etc.) that you feel threatened by this person and you feel you are being bullied. Also, when the bully is starting to bully you, do not argue with the bully, walk away, leave the room, remove yourself from the situation. Do no allow the bully to bully you. I know some of you may feel that it is not you that need to leave because you are not causing the problem it is the bully. You are exactly right but for the time being to get help, you need to stand up and leave, if you stay, you will most likely be bullied. If you are a student, stand up and tell the teacher, this kid is bullying me and I am not staying in here. Make sure you use the term bullying. This will get the attention needed. If you feel you have been through the proper chains and still no help, seek legal advice. The bottom line is bullying is wrong, it is never ok to bully someone.

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