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Hello to all,

I am thinking about how if people made some life long behavioral changes regarding the way they eat and exercise, it will ultimatly allow them to live a longer healthier life. Lets ask ourselves on a daily basis, what types of food do we eat, do we exercise and how do they affect us physically. I feel that everyone should try to have a Holy Temple. If you are one that suffers from eating unhealthy and not exercising (basically making unhealthy choices) then please read forward. I am here to help. Everyone can change there habits, sometimes it is not always easy but with God's help you can do it. Here are some things to help you get started.

Should you choose fast food or fresh food? Fresh Food. Always choose fresh fruit over juices, fresh vegetables over canned unless there has been no salt added. Fast food and processed food have a VERY high salt and fat content. Salt is what makes us retain fluid, elevates our blood pressure and puts strain on our hearts and in general our whole body. Fat cloggs our arteries and causes us to have high cholesterol. The medicines now days for these things can be very expensive. This is why everyone can make a life long choice to be healthy it is just a matter of educating your self.

If you are considering making life choices think about this, you should choose fresh foods always, cook at home more, avoid fatty foods, cheese, fried foods. Drink lots of water and exercise. A person should have a daily plan for all of their meals, and exercise. For meals it is much easier to count calories. Always drink plenty of water and have a daily cardio exercise planned. Check with your Dr to see what is right for you if you have additional questions. I just want everyone who reads this to know that you can do it. Have faith and dont give up, just focus on one thing at a time, and do a lot of planning.

In Christ,

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