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February 4, 2009

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I just wanted write a short message sharing my latest thoughts on my recent Bible studies. Specifically, I have been studying the letters of Paul in the New Testament. It is so uplifting to read the Bible with the mindset of an Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. And that is the main thing I want to share in this message. But first, just a quick note on the Epistle of Paul to Titus. This is a very short book clearly giving good insight into Paul's thoughts on good works and obedience to Christ. It leaves no doubt that Paul's teachings are pro-good works and pro-obedience to Christ.

Now, the most uplifting thing to me in Paul's letters is his continual reinforcement that through the Spirit of Christ, we are Heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through Christ we inherit the Kingdom of Heaven!! And in Hebrews, Paul explains that through Christ, we inherit the aid of the angels in Heaven.

But I must remain humble even though I am Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven with all of its angels, power, and glory. I need to always remember that without Christ, I inherit nothing. On my own, without total surrender to Christ, I am nothing more than flesh and bones with an inheritance of Death. When I say surrender to Christ here, I'm referring to Paul's description as a prisoner of Christ. Many times Paul describes himself as a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

On my own, I can build a library full of my legal documents, contracts, and procedures. I can follow every law to the T and keep all of the contracts, following all of the procedures. But I need to remember that regardless of the purpose all of this serves in this world, it will all be burned up in the end. Without Christ, it will become nothing more than rubbish destined for the furnace. I believe that was one of Paul's many important lessons found in the book of Romans. Concerning salvation and eternal life, Paul was teaching that without Christ, it was pointless to follow all of the written laws and procedures. Paul taught that through obedience to the commands of Christ, Jew and Gentile alike can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven regardless of tradition or written document.

Keep your eyes on your inheritance and rejoice, giving thanks to God for everything!

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