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Hello to All.

It is the holiday season full-fledge. There is so much stress and friction in the air. Can you imagine the shopping malls? There are so many people trying to shop for gifts, almost no one can get around in the mall. There are people pushing and shoving in line. Lines are long, customers are losing patience. I ask myself, what is wrong with this picture?

Christmas is a time that is supposed to be full of joy and happiness. What is wrong with the picture is that we do not plan ahead. Can you imagine how much more joyful your holiday season would be if you didn't have to even go to the malls, or much less buy a gift because you shopped during the year? I think if we planned ahead and shopped throughout the year, by the time the holiday season was here, we could all rejoice and be happy and full of joy.

For all who are reading this, I pray that God gives you the strength to plan and organize holiday shopping so you can enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. My life is very relaxed and I love it. God gives me the strength each second of the day to be organized and to plan ahead. As I have said several times before, plan, plan, plan.

In Christ,

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