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Good Evening to All,

It is a late Autumn night, the breeze is cold, and the leaves are rustling on the ground. There is change in the air. Just as I am thinking about change, I am thinking of disrespectful kids and how to gain control. Here are some tips of how you can try to gain control of a disrespectful kid.

First: Look at what they are eating and drinking. Take away energy drinks, most all of the sugar they eat, soft drinks, junk food. Offer them healthier snacks.

Second: Look at the activities they are involved in. Are they positive? If no activities, what is the child doing after school? Are they home alone? Who are your child's friends? Does your child play violent video games? Does your child watch violent things on TV? All these factors can contribute to a child's behavior. If any of these questions are of concern, please think about them and correct any problem areas. Remember, you are the adult. It is better to make a change now than later. Always try to keep your child engaged in some activity that is positive, so they don't think about doing things to cause trouble.

Third: Look at the rules of the house. Are there rules? If not please consider making a few. When the rules are set, be consistent in enforcing them and when ever a rule is broken have a consequence that will be remembered, such as taking away a privilege they really like (video games). Set a time they have to do without this and honor that time frame.

Fourth: As the adult in the situation, look at yourself, do you allow your child to push you until you give in? If so, correct it ASAP. Never give in to your child. If they are throwing a fit, let them throw it. Ignore it! Walk out of the room. This sends the message to the child, Mom means no and she is not interested in my fit.

I truly hope this helps all who read this. I pray to God everyday for the troubled youth and I pray that God will help them and give them strength.

In Christ,

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