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December 22, 2013

Why does it seem that everything is protected in our country except for Christianity? If any other belief system were attacked like the Christian belief system is, the attacker would be hated, persecuted, prosecuted, and called names such as a profiler, hater, bigot, racist, or whatever. Why is Christianity fair game? Why are Christians censored and pressured to remain silent on their beliefs in this country?

It seems that "Hollywood" hates Christianity and gladly embraces anything and everything else even if it is bizarre and hate-based. But there is no tolerance when it comes to Christianity. Do whatever you want to Christians and their beliefs as long as you show the upmost respect for everything else. At least that's the way it is according to "Hollywood" rules. However, "Hollywood" no longer has a monopoly on the media. Thanks to social media, everyone can be heard. And now it is being revealed that a minority in "Hollywood" have been abusing their media monopoly to force their beliefs and propaganda on the majority. The "Hollywood" propaganda machine is no longer the only "game in town". And I thank God for that.

Praise God!

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