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Are You Ready?

The Rapture will happen at some point because God is coming to take over this world. There is so much bitterness and hatred and negativity in this world. Accidents are happening everywhere, earthquakes almost daily in parts of the world where they have not really happened that much before. People are mad, act crazy and have road rage, talk negatively about anything and everything, walk around with a look like they are going to hurt you if you get in their way and the list goes on and on. Can we just not relax and enjoy the scenery? If we are so consumed by our selfishness and have to act a fool, do you think we will make the rapture? Think about it. Really think about it.

What it all boils down to is the seven deadly sins. These cardinal sins are Pride: I am better than you, I look better, I am more educated, I make more money than you, my team is better than yours. Greed: That is my lane, get out of my way, I want that item so I am just going to take it even if I reach right in front of someone, this is my race and I am going to win even if I knock someone down and hurt them. Lust: I love this object that everyone has and I just have to have it, I am obsessed with this object. Anger: I am so tired of this and that, I am going to run these people off the road if they don't leave me alone, I am going to punch someone in the mouth if they get too close to me in line, I am going to let this person have it because they can't manage their business. Gluttony: This food looks so good and I am so hungry I am going to have some of this and that and I think I will have some of that too, I think I will also have some cocktails with that and seconds please on the food, and thirds, and fourths, I am so full but it tastes so good and good food and cocktails should not go to waste. Envy: I love that car and I love that outfit, I love that house and wow, I really want these things just like he has, or she has, I want what they have. Laziness: I am just going to sit right here in my house in my chair and do nothing because I don't have to, I am going to half way do my work because I don't feel like doing it, my boss told me to do it this way and I don't feel like doing it that way so I will do it my way, I am going to just sit back and do nothing productive all day, weekend, and week. The house is a complete wreck, the dishes are dirty, as well as the clothes, floors,and bathrooms. My house stinks really bad, my kids are running wild all over the neighborhood and I just can't do any more.

I think we all need to step back and really get our lives in order because the rapture could happen at any given moment. Are you ready?

In Christ,

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