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Why Do People Lie?

It is a cool morning in May and I am sitting here thinking about all the lies that happen in this world on a daily basis. Why do people feel that they have to lie? Is it because they want people to believe they are better? Is it because they are ashamed and want to give people a positive image? In my opinion I think people lie about things for two reasons. First, they tell a lie because they want people to think they have something they don't such as education, job title, or financial status. They tell this type of lie so others will think they have more than what they actually do. Second, they will tell a lie to cover the real truth because they are ashamed of what they are doing, or they are afraid of someone else's reaction.

In my opinion people need to just tell the truth. God accepts you, God loves you no matter what. A lie will hurt and destroy a relationship ten times more than the truth. Yes, sometimes when people find out the truth about someone they want to move away from that person and that is ok. You don't want a relationship to be based on facts that are not true. Everyone is different, everyone has different personalities and everyone chooses the type of people they want to be around. If someone finds out something about a person and they don't want to be around them for that reason, so be it. The only type of people I want around me are people I know that truly care.

If you are a person that has told a lie about something, you have burned the bridge between you and that person. The other person is standing on the other side of the mountain looking over with tears streaming down their face because of the lie and there is no way they can get to you because the bridge is gone. It is up to you to build another bridge to get back to that person, that is if this person means anything at all to you.

To sum this all up, people tell lies all the time, people either care about the person they lie to or they don't. After a lie is told and the bridge is burned that is when the real truth of the relationship will come out. If they care and try to build the bridge back that is a sign of someone that cares and truly want to apologize. If they make no effort what so ever that is a sign that the "liar" doesn't care, never did and never will, and the person on the other side of the mountain can go ahead with the rest of their life.

In Christ,

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